Who We Are

Omni VIP Events is managed and operated by a team of seasoned professionals and experts.  We design, create and produce memorable events where entertainers, athletes, artists, authors, heroes and others touch their fans, followers and the general public.  We create events that make lifelong memories for all those in attendance.

Omni VIP Events was founded by Ed Danberry and Ron DeLucia.  Mr. Danberry and Mr. DeLucia own and operate many successful businesses in the Newark, New Jersey area.  Over the years Mr. Danberry and Mr. DeLucia have donated significant amounts of money and “in-kind” contributions to worthy charities. Ed has a history of actively participating in many charities on a variety of levels. Ed and Ron formed their charity, Civic Duty Partners – www.CivicDutyPartners.org, to put their experience and skills to work to help raise funds to benefit other charities.

Mission Statement

The Omni VIP Events team is committed to providing and executing world-class, unforgettable events, while maintaining the highest standard of professionalism